Team Drew Fitness


About Drew Jelen 

Team Drew Fitness is owned by Drew Jelen, who has numerous years of expertise in everything from weight loss to competitive athletes, to speed and agility with youth teams and more.  Drew has worked in several typical overcrowded gym and health club settings.  


Throughout these experiences he noticed the lack of individualized attention to each client as well as lack of ability to use equipment needed for each individualized program.   At Team Drew Fitness the vision for success is each team member will achieve their own individual successes based on an environment of team support in a spacious 2400 square foot training studio.


Drew enjoys being active; playing many sports and doing anything outdoors.  He is a national level NPC Physique competitor and really enjoys the reward of having clients reach their goals.   


About Kelli Kratt


“As a competitor, I have done it all.  Starved, hours of cardio, sacrifice upon sacrifice.  This led me down the path of disordered eating, metabolic damage and poor self-image. I unfortunately trusted myself to coaches that I shouldn’t and paid the price.  From these experiences, I have gained tons of knowledge of what to look for in a coach and what I want to be as a coach.  I want to be supportive, reasonable and safe as well as get clients to their goals.  It is possible to get on stage without spending hours in the gym every day and eating virtually nothing!  Just as it is entirely possible to lose fat and weight without starving, restricting the foods you can eat and without losing enjoyment in your life.  My goal is to help you achieve your goals in a manner that is fun and enjoyable.  There is no need to suffer for fitness.” 


Kelli Kratt has over ten years of expertise in the fitness industry - everything from weight loss to prenatal training & nutrition to competitive athletes and more.

Throughout the years, Kelli noticed many clients struggle with the nutrition aspect of their fitness goals. So many people either aren’t sure what they should be eating and when in order to meet their goals or they do not find a plan that fits into their life. Kelli began creating plans for her personal training clients based on their likes & dislikes and lifestyle. Her clients enjoyed the plans and saw results which lead her to begin taking on more nutrition clientele.  At that point, Kelli also began working with physique/fitness competitors on their show preparation. Kelli’s vision for success with nutrition is that each client enjoys their food, reaches their goals and maintains the physique they desire. 


Kelli enjoys being outside in the warm weather months, traveling and reading.  She is currently a Dietetics student working towards her Registered Dietician licensing as well as a former NPC Bikini and Figure competitor who has also competed in fitness. She is currently in preparation for a WBFF fitness show.