Team Drew Fitness


By Kelli Kratt | TeamDrewFitness

A little over 12 weeks to go until showtime!  Usually this is the point I would begin prepping so it feels good to be already in the mindset and mode of "show prep".  Progess is happening slowly every week and I am happy with that because there are no extremes.  No fasted cardio, no hours of cardio, and no strict fish and veggies diet.  Still eating more than ANY prep of mine EVER.  I also have only been on the scale once since I believe March.  The other big thing for me is that I am keeping BALANCE.  I don't need to plan every single meal and every single minute.  I can be flexible, and to me, that is the biggest victory, to be on the right path, while keeping that balance.

Something I have been hearing and seeing alot of, as well as being guilty of doing myself, is too much comparing.  I'm not talking about comparing myself to or competing with others, although that is just as important NOT to do... but comparing to yourself in a negative way.  I have found myself constantly thinking about where my measurements were in past preps compared to now (years ago, before metabolic damage, before having a baby,etc).  Every prep, regardless of who you are, should be different.  Hopefully, each prep is better because you have rested, built your metabolism, gained some muscle in your offseason.   Different foods, different styles of training, the season/time of the year, your offseason length, your water intake, amount of muscle, and sooo many more factors all play into how your prep (or simply diet) goes.  Now this isn't to say you shouldn't want to "beat yourself" or be better than last time.  Of course you should.  But I'm talking end result.  We shouldn't take too much time worrying because last time you lost more from your waist initially, or this time it seems easier or whatever the case may be.  The important part is having a plan and being able to enjoy your process, not stress through it because you compare every weight or measurement.  Bodies change.  This is something else I'm working on letting go... I'm losing from different places first than I did before.  Who knows if this is better or is just what it is.  I have a plan, a goal, and I'm confident my end result will be what I want it to be.