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Post Show Reflection - by Kelli Kratt | TeamDrewFitness

My NPC bikini show was in October and I am so happy for the experience that I had. The outcome wasn’t perfect – in that I didn’t place top 5. We all always want that placing even though the circumstances weren’t right and I knew it. I had upper jaw surgery during my prep which took me out of working out for 3 weeks, and meant I couldn’t eat (chew) my normal food. I started school and had some difficult classes. The stress killed me, and my biggest lesson was that stress is my number one enemy when it comes to dieting.  I really wanted to do the show though - for myself.  Final result aside, what I gained from prepping was so much more valuable. The insight that I do NOT have to suffer to get on stage, or reach any physique goal. You don’t have to drop out all your food and do hours of cardio. It simply isn’t necessary when you take care of your metabolism and your body. The next best thing was no rebound at all. Nine weeks post show, I believe I’ve gained 4 or 5 pounds. And I’m definitely eating plenty of food and I’m doing on average an hour of cardio per WEEK. This is the direct result of taking the time to take care of my body before prepping and not going to extremes like low calories and tons of exercise in prep.  I have also taken care of my mind – that is so important as well. You must be comfortable and happy with yourself before you get onstage.

The message really is that we are all in a rush to get to our goals – I know I want everything now but taking the time to do things right and be in the correct mindset always pays off. And I’ll say it again – you DON’T HAVE TO SUFFER TO PREP FOR A SHOW or get to your fitness goal, whatever it may be.  Value your body and take the time to make it right so that you get lasting and healthy results.  If you need help getting started, we can help.