Team Drew Fitness


By Kelli Kratt | TeamDrewFitness

Lately the comments I've most often heard are "I need to be dedicated like you and cut out sweets" and "How do you stay so disciplined after competing?".  People always tell me they are quitting desserts and carby foods.  I always cringe a little and feel guilty for a second because the truth is I don't see myself as really disciplined and I definitely eat desserts, carby food and drink wine.  The truth is I wouldn't survive otherwise.  I know what happens when I do cut out those things!  I've just learned how to balance my eating in order to maintain my physique.

In the past, during contest preps or diets I didn't eat anything resembling a treat.  At all.  The result of that would be any cheat meal turned into a binge or at the least, an extremely painfully full stomach, serious regrets, negative body image thoughts, and extra hours of cardio.  It's an ugly, vicious cycle that is difficult to break.  It wears on a person's body and their emotions.  These behaviors can easily manifest into an eating disorder, as they did for me.  However, I was lucky enough to find a better way.

Balance is the key!  I probably sound like a broken record but it is the truth.  I manage my sweet tooth by working with it instead of ignoring it.  When you don't restrict yourself, you find your cravings slip away.  I do count macros, and I fit treats in along the way, but I am not afraid to go outside my macros and have what I want once in awhile.  Doing that means I don't overdo it - because I know treats will always be there and I can always have them.  It is a mindset shift. 

My favorite breakfast is a pancake using Met-Rx protein pancake mix, topped with peanut butter, a handful of dark chocolate chips, and fat-free Reddi Wip with a sugar-free hot chocolate that has a scoop of chocolate Gaspari protein powder mixed in and strawberries on the side.  I get my chocolate fix and the sweet taste from fruit.  I truly love this breakfast and it keeps me happy, which means I'm less likely to reach for treats later, since I started my day with one. 

Find ways to fit in the things you really love, and fight restricting them.  I promise you will see positive changes in your behavior, attitude, and your physique.