Team Drew Fitness


By Kelli Kratt | TeamDrewFitness

I've had tons of emails and texts this week about how to survive the holidays.  The next two weeks are filled with parties and events that center around food and drinks.  Whether you are in the process of losing weight, or maintaining it, or even adding muscle in a clean way, the key will always be balance or moderation.  Don't fall into the restriction trap.  It only leads to overeating and bingeing.  

It's more than ok to enjoy a meal or meals with your family and friends, in fact you absolutely should, simply be smart about it.  I eat freely at the meal of my choice, and make sure to focus on getting in my protein and quality food the rest of the day or prior to that meal.  Its also important to always drink plenty of water (especially when drinking alcohol). 

Another method to use is "pick and choose".  If you really love the cheesy potatoes being served, have a decent serving but then skip the other  starchy carbs, like stuffing or bread that you don't love as much.  Or have the desserts and skip alcohol because you love chocolate more.  Balance your choices with lean protein, veggies, salad, or fruit. 

The important part is not to fall into the "last supper" or the "I messed up, screw it" trains of thought.  The "last supper" meaning eat everything in sight and get back to business next week, or I already messed up, may as well keep going.  Enjoy your meal - which means not stuffing yourself until you are miserable - how is that enjoyable?!  Eat the food you like in moderation and enjoy time with the people you are with.  You'll walk away happy, satisfied with the food you enjoyed but yet not miserable or guilty because you ate everything in the world.  

No matter what you do, remember that one or three meals is not going to make or break your goals. Enjoy your time with family and friends, and stay on track the rest of the time so that you can reach your goals.  In other words, enjoy life and keep the balance ;)  

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!!