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We have had a passion for the fitness industry forever. Over the last few years, competing has become that strong passion. You fight to get better, through the struggles, through the losses as well as the wins to get where you want to go. Part of the fun is remembering where you came from and how you started. We love HTFU’s “remember your roots” mindset. Progress and continually pushing to become the best is a way of life. We think about it and talk about it every single day. We work towards our goals every single day while remembering where we started and how far we have already come.

Drew is a nationally qualified NPC competitor and in 2015 is pursuing his IFBB pro card in Men’s Physique. He will compete in Pittsburgh in July, at Nationals, and again in August if necessary. He's been working tirelessly for this. 

Kelli has switched to the figure division from bikini as it suits her body better, and will be competing in several shows to obtain national qualification and then compete on the national level. Her goal is also an IFBB pro card and she isn't stopping until it happens.

Both of us are coaches and trainers fighting to grow our brand – TeamDrewFitness. While we are determined to take things to the next level and reach our personal best and pro card goal, it wouldn’t mean much without inspiring others to keep fighting for their goals. “Wolves eat sheep – don’t be a sheep!” – this HTFU quote embodies the TeamDrewFitness mindset. We do things our own way and aren’t afraid to stand up for what we believe in.  We want the set the bar higher and we aren't afraid of being the only ones doing it this way.

The HTFU mentality is one that is deeply instilled in us and we work to create this mindset with our clients. We are not afraid to struggle, and certainly not afraid to dream. It’s all about never giving up. “I never said I was stronger than you, bigger than you, or smarter than you. I simply said I wanted it more than you” – we do want it more and are willing to work endlessly for it. We hope to inspire our clients and the world to do the same - step outside the box and become more. 

Everyday we are thankful for our struggles because otherwise we would never have found the strength to keep pushing and be here right now. We want to accomplish amazing things, personally and help others to do this. Allowing TeamDrewFitness the honor of representing HTFU in 2015 will help us grow stronger, reach our goals, and also get the HTFU message out even more through our work and our clients. We talk about this mindset with them and want to take it to the next level. HTFU and TeamDrewFitness can grow, inspire and do remarkable things together. It would truly be an honor to represent HTFU.  We are living the brand everyday and want to work with you, and struggle together to keep reaching for greatness every single day.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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