Team Drew Fitness


For clients in the Milwaukee, WI area:


Whether you are looking to lose weight, add muscle, tone or just improve overall health, we build a program specifically designed for your goals and lifestyle. At Team Drew Fitness we don’t just help you reach your goals, we help educate you to reach your goals and promote a healthy lifestyle change which allows you to maintain your results long term.  We consistently monitor your progress and adjust your program for maximum results. Contact us for a free consultation.



Are you looking to gain an edge in a sport?

If you want to excel at a sport or give your child the upper hand or just improve your golf game then Team Drew sports specific training is for you. Programs are developed based on an assessment of individual muscle strengths and weaknesses. Your program will assure weaknessses or imbalances are addressed, improvements made and build on your strengths. Contact us for a free consultation to improve your game now!



Our contest prep clients include local competitors as well as competitors from all over the United States, Canada, Europe and more.

TeamDrewFitness believes that your competitive journey is a lifestyle, not a temporary 'life alter.' Years of experience in the fitness and competitive industries make TeamDrewFitness your best choice for contest prep. Our competitors do not spend hours in the gym each day or starve. A lot of thought goes into each custom prep to make sure the individual's health and well-being is considered.

Competitors eat plenty of food to support their workouts and daily life. This approach assures the health of their metabolism because metabolic damage is a common problem with competition preparation.